professional English-Chinese IT and Telecommunication transl


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professional English-Chinese IT and Telecommunication transl

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Beijing Pioneerok Techomology Co, Ltd (Pioneerok for short) is about to offer localization and language services for all the Chinese and foreign clients.
Software localization is one of our core businesses. In addition to the translation among the different languages and cultures, it deals with many profound technological issues on program translation, DIP, localization and program management and etc. our team is made up of experienced language experts, IT engineers, Senior programmer, e-commerce engineers, they not only master language translation and culture transmission, but also do very well in the localized technological development and combine technology and culture together perfectly.
Language service is another important business which especially offers instant translation of 4 languages --Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, and provides data processing and desk-top publishing (DTP) service. With young talent sea returnee as the head, the specialized personnel of the professionally trained as the core members of our company. We offer professional service on IT communication translation, and provide inputting in batches and DTP business of multiple languages
“Pionerrok stands for superiority and perfection. We are willing to cooperate with Chinese and foreign clients together to strive for the glorious achievements.
We offer the following service:
Software Localization
Website Localization
Multimedia Localization
Website Translation
Software Translation
Chinese input
Chinese characters input
Computer Translation
Telecommunication Translation
IT translation
Adds:RmA-502, Tower18, NO.3Street, JiuXian Bridge, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China 100061

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